The State of Independent SaaS Report


Since launching in 2011, MicroConf’s mission has been to help startup founders launch and grow without raising venture capital. We’ve done this by building a community of like-minded founders who encourage and share knowledge with one another to the benefit of everyone.

This journey is difficult, and as founders we are often making difficult decisions with incomplete information. Our goal is to give you more data to help you make better decisions as you grow your company.

The State of Independent SaaS is a survey of several hundred non-venture track, revenue generating SaaS companies that we will analyze, number crunch, and turn into an epic report filled with benchmarks, growth rates, demographics, validation approaches, and more.


The report will be useful for:

  • Comparing your progress to other non-venture funded SaaS baselines for things like churn, MRR, growth rate, visitor to trial, trial to paid with and without credit card, LTV, NPS, and more.

  • Identifying trends such as which marketing approaches are working.

  • Identifying key milestones and KPIs and slicing them based on price point, company stage, team size, location.

  • And more


Get the State of Independent SaaS report when it's finished

We'll email you this year's report (when it's ready) and will let you know about future surveys by email.